Coronary Artery Blockage is a main cause of Heart Attack

Prevent Heart Attacks by Removing Blockages

Science & Health: Cure and Reverse Your Heart Diseases Without Surgery

An American technology is available now in Trans-Yamuna Delhi which can not only help you prevent your future Heart Attacks but can also reverse your heart Conditions. This is an initiative started by local residents – Mr. Sumit Gupta and Dr. Surya Aggarwal by the name of 34 Heart Care Center located in Preet Vihar, Delhi to help their community to the best of their capabilities. The treatment is known as ECP or External Enhanced Counter Pulsation which is many times safer, more effective and much cheaper than other current treatments like Angioplasty and Bypass surgery. The treatment is well recognized worldwide like North America, Europe and also in many Asian countries.

ECP got its first approval from FDA, in USA, in 1994 and after that this treatment has been accepted and approved by European Cardiologist Society, NHS and CE for heart diseases and heart conditions. ECP is a preventive and curing treatment via which patients with Angina pain or coronary artery blockage are being treated in many countries. This treatment is not meant for emergencies.

As of now there are almost no negative side-effects noted against this treatment but only the positive ones. During this treatment patients are not required to undergo any surgery nor they are required to get hospitalized. This treatment consists of 35 seatings of one hour each. This treatment is so safe and effective that even an healthy individual can take it to further enhanced his/her heart condition, stamina, and cardiovascular functionality. Patients, going through this treatment, see huge improvements in their angina pain, diebeties, hypertension, kidney function, post strokes conditions, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

Patients already went through Angioplasty or Bypass surgery can also take this treatment to improve their angina pain and to avoid future surgeries. This is because, unlike Angioplasty and Bypass surgery, ECP targets your entire heart
altogether and improve your overall heart condition. 34 Heart Care is one of the most advance and well located ECP centers in North India.

They not only provide this treatment with latest available technology but they also have one of the most comprehensive team of doctors and specialist to look after their patients as compare to any other EECP/ECP center in India. During this treatment patients are under the constant watch of the doctors and nurses. Furthermore, patients also get proper guidelines for their diet and lifestyle modification so that this treatment can be most effective for them.

So if you want to retain your young heart, avoid future surgeries and live a comfortable life then visit the 34 Heart Care center to help yourself and your loved ones.