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The ‘Privacy Policy’ of clearly describes our privacy practices related with collection, protection and usage of your personally identifiable information. By visiting and its Social Network pages, you agree to accept these privacy practices stated here.


34 Heart Care and its company SWAAS CARE LLP firmly follow ethical and good code of conduct and business practices and assure you to maintain and preserve the ‘privacy’ of its members and patients.

We do our best and do whatever we can technically and reasonably do to protect your ‘right to privacy’ within the limit of our website and its company SWAAS CARE LLP. Proper state of the art data security features have been used to secure your information provided to us. We reassure you that your personal identity information will strictly remain confidential with our website and will not be used anywhere without your appropriate permission.

However, we are not liable for the unlawful or unauthorized disclosures of your confidential and personal information by the third parties, out of our company’s control.

Information Collection and its Usage:
We assemble the following types of information from and about the members registered with 34 Heart Care.

Personal Information


  • These include the personal contact, profile and Identity details you provide us at the time of registration at our centers or online at our website or at our affiliate networks. This includes contact details information (email id, residential address, landline telephone and mobile numbers), personal identity information (name, gender, age, photo, etc).

Website and Service Usage Information

  • Firstly, we record your website usage identity elements information (your user id, email address, passwords and other security related information, etc.).
  • We also  maintain information about your usage and navigation of services, for instance the URLs of website, download information and its pages that you visit etc.
  • We may also keep a track of your log information and our website’s used sessions by you – your web requests, IP address, date and time of request, browser language, browser type, etc.

To communicate with you and conduct our regular business, we  assemble a lot of your personal and usage information, enabling you to become a member of the site, open and manage your user account, assist you in your experience at 34 Heart Care.

We do not intend to use your personal information in any other way, nor do we intend to disclose any of your personal information outside the realm of this Privacy Policy. We will take your prior permission if we desire to use or share this information for any other purposes or reasons and use it only if you permit us or required by law under subpoena.

Information Sharing may under certain situations procure one or more services form from a third party service provider (e.g., when you visit our website advertising companies serving ads to you). To the extent that it may be necessary, and solely for the purposes of providing such services to you, you agree that we may disclose to such third party any of your ‘personal information’ (with the exception of your individual identity information like name and photo) that may be necessary for the procurement of such services from such a third party.

Information security
We make all the possible efforts to take appropriate security measures to avoid any possible unauthorized data disclosure and to protect our database against unauthorized access. These actions include time to time reviews of our security measures and storage practices of data, including appropriate encryption and security measures to guard against unauthorized access to our systems and servers where our data is stored.

Further, we provide very restricted access to personal and other critical company information as on our behalf. However, our associates and employees may need  a right to use such information to process it or arrange it in order. These individuals are often bound by ‘confidentiality’ obligations and ‘non-disclosure’ agreements.

Use of Cookies

34 Heart Care makes use of ‘cookies’ and leaves them on your system/computer to generate more personalized and customized information for you, whenever you reuse our website. Cookies are commonly used by most websites to track user trends and to store user ‘preferences’ so as improve services and enhance your interactive experience on the website.

However, if you want to be notified about receiving a cookie, you must set your browser accordingly while using This gives you a chance to decide whether to accept it or not. If you ‘accept’ a cookie from, using that cookie, you would not have any problem with our use of any personal information collected by us. In case, you have restricted ‘cookies’ on your browser by  turning off the ‘cookies’ option, please enable it to ensure proper working of our website .

We assure you that we neither have the plan nor intention to use cookies to store or capture any confidential information from your computer that has not been specified in this Privacy Policy.

Right to collect

The usage of the website you agree that we may store your usage and personal information as long as we want or using the services of the site subject to the limitations set out in this Privacy Policy.

General Exceptions

To conduct our business, to enforce our own rights, to secure our systems, or to enforce our own ‘terms and conditions’ (including investigation of potential violation of terms and conditions) If we are required to monitor, intercept, disclose or store your ‘personal information’ by enforceable government requests or law we will do so in the manner as prescribed by the land laws. Without your knowledge, such monitoring, interception, disclosure or storage may take place. For any damages howsoever and whatsoever arises from such monitoring, disclosure, interception or storage of your personal information, so for that we have no liability to you or to any third party.

Any information which you may provide at the time of using our services in an unencrypted manner and in an open, forum including or public environment (without limitation) any chat room, blog , communities, discussion forum, etc will not constitute ‘personal information’ and will not be confidential, and is not subject to protect under this Privacy Policy.

We also hold no liability for any damages that howsoever and whatsoever arising from your disclosure of your ‘personal information’ in any public and open environment forum. If you disclose any of your personal information in such public environments then it will be at your own risk.

Change in Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and changes will be posted on this page accordingly.

This ‘Privacy Policy’ was last updated on the 5th day of July, 2016.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please freely contact us.

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