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“EECP treatment gave me more strength and energy. I’ve become a believer in EECP treatment. It was well worth the effort and has improved my quality of life.”

Marjorie Kepner, USA | Source: www.eecp.com


“I am free of angina without having had an operation of any kind! The good news is that I’ve lost 35 pounds; the bad news is that my pants are too big! I feel fine and ready to get back into our travel program,”

Charles F. Hoy Jr., Retired USA  Air Force Col. Age: 70
| Source: http://www.eecp.com


After two years of struggling with congestive heart failure I found the Institute for Progressive Medicine. I was barely able to walk or climb stairs. Dr. Sosin gave me a thorough exam and recommended EECP along with other treatments. After 35 EECP treatments I lost 30 lbs. and was able to reduce prescription drugs to a minimum. I feel great, and with maintenance treatments, I expect to experience a gradual improvement. I am now able to walk up stairs with minimum effort. My swelling is gone, my sleeping has improved and my energy level is vastly improved. Thank you Dr. Sosin and the Institute for Progressive Medicine.

L.E., USA |  Source: http://www.iprogressivemed.com


“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my EECP treatments as I’ve had congestive heart failure for the last few years.  Prior to EECP, I couldn’t even get a meal ready or understand what I was reading.  After the treatments, my mind was alert and I was able to better retain information and focus on tasks.  EECP also improved my sleep, energy, digestion and ability to walk. I would recommend EECP therapy to anyone who has cardiovascular disease.  Do not put this treatment off any longer!”

Rita C., 89 years old, Canada |  Source: www.kamloopsnaturopathicclinic.com


“I am a 42 Year old male, on Jan3, 2011 I was admitted in Kavery Medical Centre, Trichy (KMC) for chest pain. From there I was referred to Madras Medical Mission (MMC) Hospital for Coronary Angiogram. It was done and found that i had Triple Vessel disease and was adviced for a By-pass surgery. During this time I was not able to walk normally. I had breathlessness. My LV function was 32%. I went for another opinion to Sri Ramachandr Medical university and met Dr.S.Thanikachalam. Since I had a diffused disease in my coronary artery he insisted that I should not go for a by-pass.

He recommended me to undergo EECP and was referred to Dr.Ramasamy at Chennai Heart Failure Clinic at Balaji nagar, Royapttah, Chennai. It is a 35 days session of daily 1 hour. After 1 week I started going for brisk walk of about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. An Echo test was done after completion of 20 sessions and the LV function was 60%. After completion of 35 sessions I went to consult Dr.Thanikachalam. At that time my Echo was 62%.

He advised me to continue the life style (i.e) every day walking of about 45 minutes and maintained the drugs for two months. After 2 months he reduced the dosages. Now I am very normal and every morning I am jogging for about 45 minutes and covering upto a distance of 8 kms.

I have suggested and I am creating an awareness among my friends circle about this EECP which is the best alternative for By-Pass.

I sincerely and heart fully thank Dr.Thanikachalam and Dr.Ramasamy for recovering me to normalcy without operation.

Mr. M Venkatesh  |  Source – www.healyourheart.com, Chennai, India.

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