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Yogesh Mathur’s Before & After Comparison of CT Angiography

Yogesh Mathur Before & After Treatment Comparison
Yogesh Mathur Before & After Treatment Comparison

Yogesh Mathur, 66/M from Delhi NCR, decided to go for our treatment. After having an heart attack and angioplasty in 2013, he was re-diagnosed with Coronary Artery Blockages in 2015 for which he contacted the 34 Heart Care. Here is his testimony 2 months after he completed the treatment in which he shares his experience. After treatment, not only he showed improvement in his lifestyle but he was also able to reduce his medication for diabetes and hypertension.

Yoga Classes for Everyone – Heart Patients, Pegnant Women etc.

34 Heart Care provide special yoga sessions for Heart Patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and over-weight etc. only at the nominal charges of Rs. 250 per session per person. Session varies from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending up on requirement.

We also provide medical yoga for special needs. Please contact us for more details.

34 Heart Care is providing this service without any financial interest and just for the welfare and awareness of everyone.  For extensive details please contact them directly. If you join these classes/sessions then by default you indemnify Swaas Care LLP and its employees from any future liabilities whatsoever.

Before & After Our Treatment – Patient Testimonial

This is a report of recent patient, Mr. M K Gupta, being treated at our center in Preet Vihar. No other treatment or surgery can do what we did for him. You can clearly see the comparison as new arteries are there which were not there before. Above all the main coronary arteries are now more clear, broad and have more clear branches which enabled better blood flow in heart. Thus he has  not only prevented the future heart attack and surgeries but also reversed his heart condition by at least 10-15 years.

In the image below, the bright yellow color depicts the blood flow. You can clearly see the difference in the following comparison and see the increase in blood flow; not only in main arteries but also in other part of heart where there was no blood flow at all. This all happened without surgery.

Patient CT Angiography Report Before & After 34 Heart Care Treatment
Patient CT Angiography Report Before & After 34 Heart Care Treatment